Monday, 25 July 2016

Dorset Norwich-Young, AFCA, AFC

Dorset Norwich-Young studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, graduating with honours in 1975. While there, she flirted with printmaking, photography, and ceramics but painting was always her greatest love. 

Dorset’s paintings, whatever the subject, are renowned for their energy, vitality and vibrant colours.

An internationally collected, award winning professional for 25 years, Dorset has painted for many years in oils and watercolours and has recently developed a passion for acrylics, capturing the deep-hued colours of West Coast sea and landscapes.

Dorset was awarded Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). With this prestigious nomination voted to "artists who have demonstrated consistent superior ability" comes the use of the letters AFCA denoting Associate Signature Status and the honour of judging future FCA shows. The Federation of Canadian Artists was established in 1941 and today remains a strong organization for artists and art lovers, hosting both local, national & international art exhibitions